The Front Tilt MINIBOT


This is the Front Tilt MINIBOT Robotic Platform: a new robotic platform from Inspectorbots. It Features a Hi-Definition, Go Pro Camera mounted to a tilting mechanism on the front of the platform. This low-profile configuration is ideal for many inspection, security, tactical and industrial applications. With its Go-Pro Camera you can record and control it from a Smartphone! With it's Rugged 4WD Wheels, it can spin on a dime.


4WD electric vehicle with high-torque gearing and motor and rechargeable batteries. You can charge the Front Tilt MINIBOT in the field with your own vehicles’ 12 volt battery. The P/T MINIBOT is perfect for confined spaces  or remote operations. It is Lightweight Under 10 Lbs

Vision System:

This is a stable and reliable system. It includes a Go-Pro Hero Camera. This is a live video system. With its high powered transmitter and receiver you can view and record video or stills.

A teleoperated FPV UGV. First Person View, Unmanned Ground Vehicle.  You control it as if you were inside the vehicle itself. Drop it into a hazardous environment and record the video as you look up, down, left, right and everywhere in-between while driving, while sitting in a safe comfortable location!

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4-Wheel Drive Platform

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Carry Handle

Dimensions: 12.5” W x 15”L x 6.75” H

DVR in Go-Pro

Easy / Intuitive to use

Four Electric Motors

Front Tilting Camera Mount

Go-Pro Hero Camera

Ground Clearance: 2.0”

High Def Color Video

Includes Battery Charger

Interchangeable Wheels

LED-Light Available

Lightweight: Under 10 Lbs 

Live Video Feed

Low Profile -Perfect for Under-Vehicle Inspection.

Live Video Feed

Max Speed: 1.5m/s

Max Incline: 30 Degrees

Pan by Moving Vehicle L-R

Range 250Ft. LOS

Rugged 4WD Avail.

Runtime: Approx 1 Hr

Stainless-Steel Fasteners

Upgrades Available

Variable Field of View

Variable Speed

Water Resistance Upgrade Available

Zero Turning Radius

Vision System:

Compact Color Camera

Completely Mobile: no AC required.

FPV (First person View)

High-Power Transmitter/ Receiver

Operators Control Unit

GO-Pro Hero Camera

Live Feed

Recordable Video/Stills

Virtual Reality Ready

Range 500 Ft. LOS


Other Views



Possible Applications


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Front Tilt MINIBOT System

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