The Super Mega Bot


The MEGA Bots

Two Models available: The Standard Mega Bot Model and the Super Mega Bot Model.

This is a Heavy-Duty, All-Terrain, 4WD Robotic Platform .

It is a very rugged, Indoor/outdoor, remotely operated platform and can be fitted with a variety of sensors, cameras and equipment. The MEGA Bot has been designed to be Modular and Reconfigurable so an end user can swap out various modules. For example, a Law-Enforcement team can run the platform by itself with a series of surveillance cameras mounted to the chassis or attach a Non-Lethal, Paintball-Gun Module to disarm hostile situations. This is the perfect  Heavy-Duty platform for a variety of user-customized applications.


This is an affordable Mobile Platform designed to accommodate a variety of sensors and equipment. This is a Heavy Duty, Stealthy electric vehicle with High-Torque motors and Rechargeable batteries. This Robotic Platform is powerful enough to Pull a Car and Carry a Man. The Mega Bot is the perfect platform for Robotic Applications, Bomb Threat, Hazmat Inspection, Scientific, Rescue, Tactical or Industrial Applications

Vision System:

None: User Customizable

It comes Fully Assembled- complete with everything you need to start rolling. (Batteries, Handheld Controller, Robotic platform, & Battery Charger.)

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Super Mega Bot Wireless

Robotic System

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Mega Bot Wireless

Robotic System

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