The Spider Mite



4WD electric vehicle with high-torque gearing and motor and rechargeable batteries. You can charge the Spider Mite in the field with your own vehicles’ 12 volt battery. The Spider Mite is perfect for confined spaces  or remote operations.

Vision System:

Completely Mobile- No AC required. This is a stable and reliable system. It includes a wireless pan / tilt, low lux Camera with Night Vision. With its high powered transmitter and receiver you can see 15 ft. in total darkness!

This is a Teleoperated FPV UGV. First Person View, Unmanned Ground Vehicle.  You control it as if you were inside the vehicle itself. Drop it into a hazardous environment and record the video as you look up, down, left, right and everywhere in-between while driving, while sitting in a safe comfortable location! It comes fully assembled-complete with everything you need to start inspecting. (Batteries, Handheld Controller, Portable Monitor, Receiver, Transmitter, Vehicle, Pan/Tilt Camera, Carrying Case & Battery Charger.)

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Spider Mite Video Inspection System

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